6 Step Process Analysis Essay

There’s an old adage that says writing is a process, not a product. And to help drive that point in, I’m going to show you how to write an awesome process essay. In fact, you can consider this whole blog post as a type of process essay.

But instead of just simply telling you the steps I took when writing this, I thought I’d really get the creative juices flowing by adding a couple zombies into the mix. Don’t worry, we’ll survive the apocalypse—and your process essay—together.

But First … What Is a Process Essay?

A process essay, like the name implies, describes a process. It’s usually described as a series of steps to be taken in order. This can be something as simple as making a peanut butter and jelly sandwich to something as complex as a nuclear physics experiment. No matter what your topic is, you want to make sure it’s engaging to the reader.

There are two different ways to approach a process essay:

  1. Write in passive voice
  2. Write in second person

Both of these options are pet peeves for writing teachers, so ask your teacher about whether you can use second-person you in your essay before you do it. For my examples below, I’m going to use the second-person perspective (which also happens to be the preferred tone in blogging).

Unlike an argumentative or persuasive essay, you aren’t trying to prove that your way of doing this process is correct. In fact, there could be many ways to perform the same function—all you want to do is describe your process. Keep this in mind when you read my examples. And speaking of examples … let’s get into the good stuff.

6 Steps to Writing a Process Essay

There are tons of topics to choose from, but I’m going to go with something a little outside the box—one you probably won’t see in your writing class. My topic is How to Survive the Zombie Apocalypse.

Step #1: BRAINstorm your steps

Get a sheet of scratch paper, and just do a mind dump. These steps do not have to be in order. In fact, it’s easier for a lot of people if they aren’t in order, at first, especially for more complex topics.

This is because your brain has to do too much if you just start writing your essay without the prep work, which can lead to a lot of forgotten steps. Getting your ideas all out on paper first allows you to clear your mind and see if you have included everything.

For my topic, here’s the important steps to surviving the zombie apocalypse, in no particular order:

  • Don’t get bitten
  • Have a lookout
  • Be wary of strangers
  • Gather the right group of people
  • Find essentials (food, water, shelter)
  • Know your escape routes
  • Learn essential skills (hunting, farming, basic first aid, weaponry)

Of course, there are many more steps to surviving the apocalypse, but this is just an example.

Step #2: Use an outline to put the steps in order

So now that you have all the steps down, you’ll want to put the steps in order. This will serve as a rough outline. You should never skip the outline process because it helps you decide the ideal flow of your essay, as well as what’s important to leave in and what can be left out.

My outline might look something like this:

  1. Introduction
    1. Hook
    2. Thesis statement
  2. Find essentials
    1. Food
    2. Water
    3. Shelter
  3. Learn survival skills
    1. Hunting and farming
    2. Basic first aid
    3. Weaponry
  4. Gather the right group of people
    1. People with other helpful skills
    2. Loyal
    3. Be wary of strangers
  5. Have a lookout
  6. Know your escape route
  7. Conclusion
    1. Summary/restatement of thesis

Step #3: Write your introduction

You’ll notice the introduction part of my outline above lists the hook and the thesis statement as subheadings. You can either fill these in on your outline or as you’re writing, whichever works better for your writing process.

In short, your hook is what draws your reader in, and your thesis statement explains what your essay is about and why the reader should keep reading.

For a process essay, your thesis statement will be less of a summary of your body paragraphs and more of an explanation as to why the topic is important or relevant.

My introduction might look like this:

In a world of constant danger from both the living and the dead, survival is harder— and more important than ever—during a zombie apocalypse. Creating and following a plan can be critical to saving the lives of you and your loved ones during this crisis.

Step #4: Fill in each step of the process

For your body paragraphs, you simply fill in the details of the steps on your outline. Be sure not to just list the steps, though. Instead, use transition words to connote sequence and improve the readability of your process essay.

Don’t make the mistake of using these words at the start of every sentence (first, second, third, fourth, etc.). That just makes it feel like a list. Variety is the spice of life, and the same goes for your process essay.

I’m not going to write out each point on my outline, but I’ll do one just to give you an idea.

First, you need to find access to essentials, such as  food, water, and shelter. Good shelter can be found almost anywhere, but try to avoid big cities or other previously populous places. Wherever you go, take extra precaution to create locks, barriers, and even traps, so zombies can’t come in. Your food supply depends on your location, but it can come from hunting or scavenging from the land or raiding abandoned homes and stores. If you get your water from a well or stream, use a purification method, such as boiling, to eliminate potential toxins.

Step #5: Write the conclusion

Although you want your conclusion to be a summary of your thesis statement, you also want to include some details that weren’t obvious when the reader was focused on the introduction.

Expand it to be a general overview of the entire process essay without just restating the steps of your process.

My conclusion would look something like this:

These steps can be the difference between being alive and being undead in the apocalypse. While finding basic living necessities and surrounding yourself with people who will watch your back are critical to your survival, perhaps the most important step throughout your survival process is to not get bitten.

As you can see, I took one of my points from the brainstorming step (don’t get bitten) and put it in the conclusion. This is perfectly acceptable because it’s not a step that comes before or after any of the other steps, and it adds a finishing touch to the essay.

Step #6: Proofread and edit

Hooray! You’ve finished writing your essay. But before you submit it, make sure you’ve crossed your T’s and dotted your I’s. Proofreading and editing are pretty important last steps because you want to make sure your process essay flows logically from one step to the next.

There’s also nothing worse than getting points knocked off for errors you could’ve caught with just a couple minutes of checking your work.

If you need an extra pair of eyes on your process essay, you can always send it to one of our Kibin editors. They make sure that, unlike the legions of the undead, your process essay has some life in it.

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The term process analysis essay encompasses a description of how something is done, how a task is undertaken or how a historical event took place. Various academics and tutors agree that any analytical process essay sample can have two possible outcomes. Firstly that of directing the reader by providing them with step-by-step instructions. The second outcome would require explaining the said process and provide an analysis of how it should ideally work in practice. Either of these two outcomes have as an end goal the requirement to relay valuable, accurate and reliable information to its target audience.

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##Contents * [Steps to Write a Process Analysis Essay](/blog/process-analysis-essay/#steps) * [Tips to Boost Your Paper](/blog/process-analysis-essay/#tips)
Writing a process analysis essay sample requires a schematic integration of several well defined and understood ideas. We have come up with 6 steps and 8 tips to help one deal with the challenge of writing about any process analysis assignment topics. The 6 steps will give you a basic understanding of general requirements for such a task while reading both with giving extensive knowledge and familiarity with how to best deal with such assignments. We highly recommend examining both pieces of information in order for you to obtain the best possible result. ![process analysis essay loop](/blog/content/images/2017/02/Process-Analysis-Loop.jpg)

Steps to Write a Process Analysis Essay

The 6 simple steps tailored by our essay writing service is designed to instruct you in the most basic and fundamental ways to write a solid analysis essay sample.

1. Choose and understand your topic

Select a process you are interested in and get all the information needed to complete it.

Decide whether it is best to focus on the entire process or just a portion of it.

Categorize the process into segments in order to better deal with large assignments.

Detailed and comprehensive understanding of how each step of the process intertwines with one another.
Technical terms and symbols should always be explained to the reader.

2. Present the steps of your process

After having understood one's topic, it is time to present the steps of your process systematically.
These steps should guide the reader through the instructions with ease and effectiveness.
It is important to keep the reader interested throughout all the stages of your process. Maintaining the audience’s interest through too many stages is the reason why big projects should be segmented.

3. Understand your target audience

The target audience defines significant aspects of one’s descriptive style due to the simple fact that a different set of linguistic terms are used in conversations between professionals in a field, academics or your everyday average Joe.
The overall end purpose of your process analysis essay must match with the needs of your target audience since again novices will require a different approach to understand it than professionals.
This concept also applies to the use of language, technical terms and audiences understanding of the subject matter.

4. The text should follow a logical pattern

It is vital for the process analysis examples to present the stages and ideas in a logical chronological pattern to the target audience in order to avoid confusion.
When the text is not structured accordingly, it makes room for a large degree of human error which can and will often lead to some form of health hazard.
Do not disregard this step as the easiest since without a proper logical structure it will be difficult to make good use of all the work put in to write up your respective assignment.

5. Accomplishment

What the reader is meant to learn from this ultimately.
Readers should be able to repeat the procedure without any major assistance.
A basic to good understanding of the procedure described.

6. Visual representation of the end product

From our experience, it is always best to end an analytical essay sample with a visual representation of your respective end product having carried out said procedure.
Avoid adding any new information or stages in this section.
Conclude by making use of pictures or any form of visual representation of your end product in order to present the reader with a way to know if they have followed the instructions correctly.
If a topic is only partially being covered, you can also present the reader with some advice regarding the segments to come and some form of evaluation for the described segment.

This particular style of writing integrates procedural writing concepts into a single cohesive item. Articles of this nature are usually useful for people or organizations that need guidelines about performing a particular task. Their structure conducts a step-by-step exploration about the procedure followed in completing a process of interest, and requires the writer to be very concise and adequately prepared before starting to write. It is also critical to be extremely precise and crystal-clear in your explanations since each step influences the others and if poorly explained they can ruin the entire procedure.
Some of the process analysis essay topics previously required from our essay writing service have involved analyzing a variety of concepts requiring detailed and interrelated steps for successful completion. Many of these topics are quite common, but we treat each essay sample with the utmost seriousness. Concrete examples of such would be how to build a business from scratch, full-scale production of widely shared experiences such as popular movies or restaurants, habit development and some life concepts such as the concept of accepting old age amongst a variety of other things. The key word as far as any essay example is concerned is that a process must take place. As a result of practiced essay writing the methodology of analysis includes the concepts having a simple beginning, developing as more inclusions surface, and having a definite ending in the final step. However, choosing a topic also depends on the familiarity of the writer with the procedures involved.

It is crucial to prepare adequately as in any other types of writing. The only difference with this kind is that the writer targets a particular individual or a group. Therefore, one cannot write to the general population. Equally important is acknowledging that each target audience has its particular specifications when it comes to the distribution and reception of information not just effectively but also efficiently without time being wasted. Such preparation includes researching and evaluating the kind of target audience you are aiming for. This helps any essay writer determine the complexity of the paper. For instance, the kind of terminologies used when writing to a manager about completing a particular process is different than addressing a co-worker even if the concept of communicating here is the same.

Tips to Boost Your Paper

As you can see there are numerous ways of developing ideas and outlines for a process analysis essay, however, in our experience, it is best to follow these **8 fantastic tips**:
  • Clearly state what you are going to describe. One should be precise in their description as to avoid confusion or unnecessary misunderstandings. For example, if one chooses to write about “How to cook an omelet” that brings up the question of what kind of omelet. The best option in this case, therefore, would be to specify exactly what kind of omelet such as “How to cook a sunnyside up veggie omelet”. Such details that seem minute can make a large difference in terms of usefulness.
  • Set up an outline. Briefly, explain and outline in chronological order each step involved in the process you have chosen. Do not worry about making mistakes or missing out on steps as you can make alterations to this part as you go along.
  • Compose a numbered list of requirements (tools, machinery, ingredients, external factors, etc.) that are vital and necessary in order to carry out your respective chosen process analysis example. For this particular section, it is crucial always to mention alternatives to your method if there are any at all.
  • Articulately elaborate and explain the technical terms. If for instance you are required to write a specialized process analysis essay sample on a topic such as metallurgy, woodwork, architecture, etc. one should first familiarize the reader with the requisite technical terms. Unique specialized annotations and symbols should also be explained if needed.
  • Health Hazards. It is paramount and of the utmost importance to underline and emphasize on any health hazards that can or might be caused by any process analysis essay topics sample. The best approach when explaining said hazards is generally to address the target audience directly using the active voice. If the reader is to encounter any difficulties while trying to reproduce said experiment these possible health hazards should be specified clearly and described in order to avoid confusion and accidental injuries.
  • Directions. Use this respective section to present your instructions in chronological order to your target audience. Being straight to the point but also elaborately descriptive allows one to make the analysis essay sample simple to follow. The most effective way to address your readers here is by making use of the second person in order to better deliver one's instructions. For example Step 9 “Do not remove the safety goggles until all machinery has been safely turned off.” Most importantly, it is necessary when giving details to avoid going overboard. In this case, the process should remain at a precise level, with minimal but understandable explanations.
  • Conclude your Process Analysis Essay with a representation of what your target audience should obtain, pictures are always good when the result is something physically tangible, after following the described methodology. Ideally, the essay writer should highlight all the indicators of a successful performance. An example of such would be “Your egg is now soft boiled without any cracks on the shell, so no water has gone in. Enjoy water free eggs everyday from now on.” It is critical to avoid skipping any step as contained in the process and adjust complexity levels depending on the audience.
  • Always include pictures. More often than not people do not realize what a large impact visual representations have on us as human beings. When dealing with a tangible physical product as a result it is key to add visual representation. The reason for doing so is that on a basic level we all have a different understanding of what a runny egg means. Hence having the right visual representation for your particular target audience can create a world of a difference as the information is custom tailored to your essay topics in a perfectly suitable format.

If all these steps and tips were followed and understood then the final item is a comprehensive essay that is concise, clear and efficient to guide the reader through the details of the process. The conclusion section of any assignment in this area will highlight the significant concepts of the essay.

We believe this video from the web is a great example of how You should work with Your process analysis essay:

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