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REGISTRATION Under the Torrens system, the legal charge comes into existence only upon registration. This system ensured the indefeasibility of title to the land registration and its transaction where it overcomes the uncertainty in land proprietorship. The land title will be formally provided in duplicate, one will remained with the Land Office or Land Registry Office, while the another one will be kept by the land owner. A “charge” as a “registered charge” 1 . In Sime Bank Berhad v. Mohd Hassan bin Sulaiman 2 , The learned trial Judge said that “for some unexplained reasons” the charge instrument was never registered. The court held that since the charge was not registered, the lending bank (unregistered charge) has no remedy under the Code. The bank’s application for an order for sale was therefore rejected. Upon registration of the charge, title or ownership of the property does not vest into charge, means that title of the property remains with the chargor. The chargee merely acquires an interest in the land. If the charge is the first registered charge, the charge will have priority over all later registered charges. In Perwira Habib Bank v. Bank Bumiputra Malaysia Berhad 3 , the court held that in a contest between a bridging financier (a registered chargee) and an end financier (who took deed of assignment from a purchaser of a parcel), the former has priority. Same case goes to Borneo Housing Mortgage Finance Bhd v Time Engineering Bhd 4 the issue before the court was whether there is a duty on the lending institution (chargee) to make 1 Secton 5 of The Code 2 [2000] 1 AMR 1021 3 [1988]3 MLJ54 4 [1996]2 AMR1539

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