Family Home Evening Assignment Wheel

Many home evening discussions must be prepared well before they are given. There is no substitute for good preparation, and home evenings are more effective and enjoyable if all family members participate in their preparation.

Making a planning wheel similar to the one in the illustration can be an enjoyable family project and can help you make assignments. This sample planning wheel is for a family of two adults and six children. However, make your wheel to fit your own family.

Begin by using a piece of heavy paper or poster board to make the background chart. Out or heavy paper, make a wheel that you will attach to the chart. On the chart, outside the borders for the wheel, write all the assignments you normally have as part of your home evening (see the illustration). On the wheel write the name of each family member, as illustrated. Attach the wheel to the chart by pushing a round-headed prong fastener through the center (see illustration). This will allow the wheel to turn freely. Children too young to accept responsibility on their own should be paired with a parent or an older child.

Rotate the assignments each week. For example, if Mother and Kirk have the assignment to plan an activity this week, then next week they will take care of the musical numbers for the home evening.

Making a planning wheel would be a good family project to start off the new year of family home evenings.

(1) The scrap wood can be any size you desire. We used a 15 1/2 inch across by 7 inches down.(DEAL DIVA TIP: Sometimes you can find scrap wood and plywood in the dumpster behind hardware stores or lumber yards. All you have to do is ask.)(2) Cut the molding to the proper size and miter the ends, using a miter saw, for a clean picture frame look.(3) Nail to the outside edge of the board with small nails. If you’re worried about splitting the board, you can pre-drill the nail holes.

No miter saw? Not a problem:
If you don’t have a way to miter the ends, try butting the ends together instead. It doesn’t leave as clean a look, but is still nice. You could also try gluing a small wood ball or heart in each corner and fit the molding up to the corner decoration. (Crafty Chic used this technique in our Homework Board, when we didn’t have access to a miter saw.)

4) Measure out the distance needed to place the knobs evenly across the board. The sample board used six knobs. Use more or less according to your needs. The knobs will stand for the duties at your FHE, i.e.: lesson, song, treat, etc. Drill the holes.

(5) To create the antiqued effect, we will paint and then stain the board and knobs. We recommend using a lighter paint color that will allow nice contrast between the paint and stain. (Darker paint colors don’t always allow the stain to show.)

We chose Maple Sugar Tan by Ceramcoat for our paint.

Paint the board and the molding remembering the edges.

(CRAFTY CHIC TIP: To paint the knobs you may want to poke the screws through a piece of cardboard and then screw the knobs down a few threads until they are stable. Try painting them in this position. It is easier to get to all sides with out getting messy and having to only paint a portion at a time.)

(6) With a dark, contrasting color, paint the titles you wish to use above each knob: prayer, snack, etc.

(7) Now it’s time to distress the wood. When the paint has dried, sand the edges and the face of the board. Do this as much or as little as you would like, depending on how much distress you like. Do the same with the knobs. A good rule of thumb for distressing is to sand down the areas that would have gotten the most use. The edges, the corners, and any area where the object would see the most handling or use.

(8) Wipe away any dust from sanding, and get out the stain. We used Minwax dark walnut stain/sealer for our project. Wipe on the stain with an old rag, and then wipe off the stain with a clean one. You don’t need to leave the stain on for a long period of time, just be sure you get into all the cracks and crevices. When wiping, don’t wipe out the stain from the grooves and dips. This gives it a more worn and weathered look. Let dry overnight.

(9) Screw the knobs into place. You may need to place a screwdriver into the screw back while you twist the knob.

(10) Paint the wooden hearts with a base color. We used Tomato Red by Ceramcoat. Using a liner brush and a contrasting color like black, paint the names of family members on the hearts.

(11) Sand and antique the hearts as above.

(12) Drill two small holes on either side of the top of each heart. String the ribbon through to make a loop and knot at the back of heart on both sides.

(13) Hang the FHE board with some wire attached to the back or with a picture hanger.

Your FHE board is ready to be used.

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