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Images of Plague and Pestilence is Boeckl’s personal statement, written in scholarly terms, of her experience of individual and communal heroism in the face of disaster. As such, it is a book worth reading for its academic and humanistic value.”

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“Crossing the history of art with the history of medicine, Boeckl overviews various sources of plague iconography, interprets the meanings of plague images in a few significant paintings dating from the 14th to the 20th century, and highlights the most influential innovative artistic works that originated during the Renaissance and the Catholic Reformation.”

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“Christine M. Boeckl developed great expertise in the fascinating subject of plague imagery and made an important scholarly contribution to this field of study.”

—Arthur K. Wheelock, Jr., National Gallery of Art

“I know of no scholar who has done more to elucidate the meaning and the significance underlying plague imagery. Such paintings are not relegated to the periphery of the European tradition, having for several centuries provided subject matter for major commissions. Yet today the context in which these images were created has been largely lost. Dr. Boeckl has made a remarkable contribution in helping to recover that missing information and has helped us to see such old masters as Poussin and Rubens with new eyes.”

—William Pressly, University of Maryland

“Christine M. Boeckl sets rigorous parameters and targets the essence of a subject both abundant and yet neglected.”

—Jacqueline Brossollet, Pasteur Institute, Paris

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