Tasio Pelicula Critical Thinking

Here are examples of industry areas students enter with this major, jobs/internships, typical employers that hire students, skills employers look for, and examples of where alumni work. To find more information make an appointment with your career counselor/advisor.






• Audio recording studios
• Broadcasting groups
• Cable and television stations
• Communication departments
• Film and video production companies
• Government agencies
• Media companies
• Professional and school sport teams
• Special effects companies
• Studio facilities
• Theatrical production companies

• Directing
• Video and Film Recording
• Broadcasting
• Producing
• Editing
• Script Writing
• Photography
• Sport Videography
• Stage and Scene Design
• ability to research and think critically
• active listening and interviewing
• advanced verbal and written communication
• computer and technical skills (in various forms of electronic media)   
• creativity
• editing and attention to detail
• flexibility and versatility
• strong interpersonal  skills
• teamwork
• time management
• Original Content and Production Intern, DIRECTV / AT&T
• ESPN, Production Assistant - Content Associate Program
• USA Network, Coordinator, Program & Production Administration
• Google, Support Specialist, gTech Ads
• FX Networks (Fox), Assistant, Original Programming
• Gracie Films, President, Motion Picture
• CNN, News anchor, CNN Airport Network
• WGN-TV, Anchor/Reporter
• Bloomberg LP, Radio News Anchor


• Broadcast media companies
• Magazines
• Newspapers
• Online publications
• Radio
• Television
• Television guides
• The movie industry
• Websites

• Creative Writing
• Plays
• Screenplays
• Scripts
• Novels: Fiction and Nonfiction
• Poetry
• Lyrics/Jingle Writing
• Film Criticism
• advanced verbal and written communication
• analytical skills
• detailed oriented
• interpersonal skills
• negotiation skills
• project management skills
• technology and social media skills
• time management
• Cable News Network, News Writer
• Entertainment Weekly, Journalist
• FunnyOrDie.com, Writer/Director
• Fox News Channel, Writer, Fox & Friends
• Huffington Post, Comedy Editor
• My Boys, TBS TV Show, Writer


• Colleges and universities
• Film archives
• Libraries
• Museums
• Private learning centers
• Public and private K-12 schools

• Archiving
• Conservation
• Curating
• Film Librarianship
• Lecturing
• Research
• Teaching
• Coordination
• public speaking
• critical thinking
• writing
• social perceptiveness
• complex problem solving.
Higher Ed:
• Research
• Writing
• critical thinking
• judgement and decision making
• presentations
• Columbia College, TV Professor
• Duke University, Multimedia and User Services Specialist
• Goucher College, Chair & Associate Professor of Communication & Media Studies


• Advertising agencies
• Commercial galleries
• Corporate advertising or public relations departments
• Film distributors
• Media companies, e.g., Turner Broadcasting
• Non-profit organizations
• Product placement companies
• Shopping networks
• Talent management firms

• Account Managers
• Advertising
• Art Directors
• Copywriters
• Marketing
• Market Researchers
• Movie Marketing
• Sales
• Adaptability and flexibility
• Communication (verbal and written)
• Critical thinking
• Innovation and creativity
• Presentation skills
• Problem-solving
• Teamwork and leadership
• Time management and the ability to simultaneously balance several projects
• AT&T Inc, Market Research
• Comcast Cable, Account Executive
• Content Distribution & Marketing Coordinator at Viacom
• Creative Artists Agency, Assistant
• Google, Inc., Strategy & Operation, Google Creative Lab
• Leo Burnett Co Inc
• NBCUniversal, Inc., Advertising Sales
• Popular Science, Social Media Editor
• Tribune Company, VP Broadcast Operations
• William Morris Endeavor, Agent Trainee, Scripted Television

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Popular Industries (According to LinkedIn)

  • Media and Communication
  • Arts and Design
  • Business Development
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Education

Next time you have a strong reaction to someone else's opinion, take five minutes before going into refutation mode, says Alan Jacobs, author of How to Think: A Survival Guide for a World at Odds.

Professor Alan Jacobs Photo: http://ayjay.org/

Jacobs is distinguished professor of humanities at Baylor University, Texas.

He sees a lack of critical thinking both among his largely left-leaning fellow academics and also the more conservative people at his evangelical Christian church.

"When I hear academic friends describe Christians I think 'That's not quite right' and when I hear my Christian friends describe academics I think 'That's not quite right, either'."

The challenge for those with strong liberal or conservative convictions is to overcome repugnance and start to treat those who hold different views as human beings rather than caricatures, he says.

Jacobs hopes his book will help to "soften the edges of the people who are willing to be reasonable and who are willing to consider the humanity of the repugnant cultural other". 

While some in Christian media have shown interest in the book, the majority of American evangelists – who are largely Donald Trump supporters – aren't interested in his ideas, he says.

"Also, I'm a middle-class, straight, white, male from the south. I, by definition, don't understand what it's like to be oppressed by the existing order."

When you take offence at something on social media, it's easy to automatically click into 'refutation mode', but Jacobs recommends taking five minutes before you respond.

To keep us engaged, Facebook and Twitter demand instantaneous responses – and we need to go against the grain, he says.

"If we stop for five minutes we might do something else. We might get away from Twitter, we might go out and look at the birds or something."

Seek out people who hold the strongest and best versions of the ideas you disagree with – the opposite of "hate-following" people on social media to rejoice in how stupid and obnoxious they are, he says.

"Instead, if you can find not the worst representatives of the other side, but the best representatives, that will make your own understanding of your own position stronger. In the long run that's going to be good for you and good for everyone else, as well."

The kind of thinking we most need now is reflection, Jacobs says.

"Why do you believe what you believe? How did you come to believe what you believe? What draws you to your convictions? What alienates you? What do you not want to believe? What do you not want to be like?"

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