World Checklist And Bibliography Of Conifers For Sale

Thinard, Florence, Yannick Fourie and Barb Collishaw.

Richmond Hill: Firefly Books, 2016. Quarto, laminated boards, colour photographs and illustrations, maps.

'The greatest pleasure of naturalists (understated by certain utilitarians) is to discover new species, to point to new islands on the map of nature, and to populate continents that seem to be deserts' - Richard Spruce, 1851. This splendid book traces the journeys of more than 60 pioneering botanists who explored the unknown world and collected thousands of unusual plants. Many were celebrated at home in Europe and England. Others were working in obscurity to fulfill their own desires and obsessions. But every one of these explorers made important finds, collecting and preserving unique and valuable plants and often establishing them in cultivation back in their homelands. Each spread in the book describes the journey and the naturalist - with a map tracing the routes taken, on the left. Facing is the actual plant collected, complete with notes, seeds, pollen, and identifying documents, often in the botanist's own hand. The stories are packed with detail, describing the theories of the day, the difficulty of raising money, and traversing jungles and forests.But each is coloured by the excitement of discovering orchids, trees, teas, flowering roses and acanthus, ferns, strange bulbs, and mountain flowers.
The design is accompanied by 80 maps, 150 photographs, drawings and engravings. All work to reproduce the spirit of the quest and the discovery of plants.

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In the course of developing the Gymnosperm Database, I have drawn on a wide array of information sources -- newspaper articles, articles from scientific journals, academic and popular books, historical materials, Internet data sources, e-mail from readers, conversation with conifer and cycad lovers (I'm afraid I have yet to meet a Gnetum nut), and personal field experience. Wherever possible, I have included links to the Internet data sources. This page provides access to commercial sources for printed matter. The first such source is the online bookstore, Anything you purchase from Amazon using the links on this page will return a small royalty to me, which I will use to help defray the costs of maintaining this website. The second such source is any other online link to book sales, which I will use for books that Amazon does not carry. The third source, which I recommend you use to search for journal articles and some other materials from the technical literature, is Google Scholar. This will help you identify the existence of a relevant article and in most cases there will be a way to access it, if only by paying an exorbitant sum of money. It is usually better to use your local library, which can in many cases get these journals on interlibrary loan. It seems that libraries do still have their uses in this digital age.

All books are listed alphabetically, by author. Books with a link may be purchased by clicking on the link or the image.

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