Professional Development Plan For Teachers Essay

Professional Development for Teachers Essay

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Based on the inquiry of empowering professional development, many findings come into play. At times we feel as though professional development is worthless and a waste of time. Gusky also, addresses that at times why so many professional developments are inadequate. There are reasons why we feel that way and reasons of which we should not have if we were actually getting something out the workshops. A common goal must first be set in the mind of the participants thus leading to the building of professionalism of the school system. In this review we will look at some aids and guides to successful professional development.
First let’s take a look and evaluate the classroom by observation to see what need to be improved. One idea that came…show more content…

These findings are important in light of my own experience because this is a practice that I utilize in my classroom but it can also be upgraded. Teaching a computer class, sometimes I have learned that the students understand better when one of their peers explain the concepts and techniques to them. That is all based on level of learning. Some catch on faster than others and they can help each other with simple questions. After evaluation of the classroom and judging by administrators whether or not teachers are abusing the use of peer tutoring, this could be one main idea of focus in professional development. If evaluated properly teachers can really apply these tactics through professional development in the classroom to enhance what has already implemented in their instruction. I did not really know how to group the students but after reading this article I do. In the future, I will put the lower achieving student with those who have high achievements. Giving the students ownership and responsibility make them feel important and a little more confident on what they are working on.
When we speak about teachers learning, it is our job to continue to research more ways and methods of how to reach our student as well as learn more about our subject matter. You can never know too much about a specific topic. Reeves argued the many different aspects of how a teacher can learn. He began on how much influence teacher

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My Professional Growth as an Education Major Essays

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Throughout the numerous experiences I have had during my time at Benedictine University, I have learned different lessons and values that will prove important to my teaching career. The different courses, teachers, and schools that I had the opportunity to work with have helped me grow as an educator and provided me with the tools needed in order to be successful. My first observation experience was eye-opening. Upon my arrival to Providence Catholic High School, I only had basic knowledge about what it took to be an effective teacher. After working with many different teachers at this high school, it became evident that every teacher adopted their own style of teaching. I also began to understand that in order to be a wonderful…show more content…

I learned quickly that being an effective teacher is an art that takes time and devotion. Many times, teachers are not provided with the necessary materials in order to maintain the various learning styles in a classroom. It is up to the teacher to create an environment where students can succeed. This is a full time job, meaning that a teacher’s work is not done once they leave the school. A teacher must contribute a significant amount of time and effort in order to see positive results in the school and in his or her own classroom. After observing my cooperating teacher’s strategies and learning more about the profession, I knew that I was going in the right direction with my life. I took a significant amount of knowledge away from this experience and have continued to strive to be the type of educator that I was blessed to work with during this experience. .
During my second preclinical experience at Westview Hills Middle School, I learned the importance of cooperation and collaboration among teachers at a school. I was able to observe team and department meetings during this experience. It became clear that it is important for teachers to work together in order to provide a positive atmosphere at a school and in a specific department. Although it became obvious that personalities and teaching styles were different throughout the school, the teachers still acted professionally and used each other as resources in

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