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Essay on Music and It's Influence

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Music and it’s influence

It is no doubt that music has played a vital role in our society. Everything from loud, head-banging concerts to religious ceremonies have utilized the medium of music because of its awe-inspiring qualities. Music is basically the control of sound. We can control this sound by varying the pitch, tempo, octaves, dynamics and so on. There are thousands of ways that we can use music and to shape it to how we want to hear it. But how much has music influenced the way we think today? Why is it so popular?
Music dates right back to the prehistoric eras where primitive instruments were constructed using items like bone and wood. These primitive musicians would not have known many of the modern terms such as octaves…show more content…

If we see a film about a jungle, normally the soundtrack is composed of instruments like bongos or shakers. This is because we instantly associate this sort of music with jungles and indigenous tribes.
So whilst some parts of the world stayed traditionalist, other parts were taking music to the next step. Western cultures have used music for almost every aspect of life. Music was used for entertainment, religion, war cries and important ceremonies. Some countries have unfortunately lost their culture and heritage thanks to more developed countries trying to expand their empires. A good example of this is when the indigenous Mexican people were murdered in their homeland by the invading Spanish – and replaced the traditional drums and flutes with more vibrant shakers and trumpets. It is no doubt that the way upper countries have acted has greatly affected the distribution of music worldwide.
I’m sure you’ll all agree when I say that music is changing very fast. It’s either that or we keep changing our tastes in music every five minutes – which is far more probable. Today if someone put on a record from just 10-20 years ago we’d probably think of that music as being incredibly old or very simple. I don’t know about you, but I can’t stand to watch some (if not most) of the early Top of the Pops because the music is so old. We think of this as being old, but in

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Impact of Music on Culture Essay

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Perhaps the most formative years for rock and roll were from 1945 to 1964. It is evident that the social climate of the time period shaped music. However, the music also shaped the social climate. The musical meaning of the songs of the era is vital to an understanding of the social implications of the music. On a primitive level, the lyrics of a song give some insight into its musical meaning. Often, however, the lyrics paint an incomplete picture of a song’s true social significance. By studying other factors, such as the instruments, the melody, and the artists themselves, one can gain much more insight into a song’s musical meaning. Through this analysis, common themes of sex, drugs, and race relations are usually found. The…show more content…

Although by today’s standards, the lyrics are relatively tame, at the time, the music seemed overly crude and black (Campbell 50).
Another interesting point about the song “What’d I Say,” is that while it uses the verse and refrain form, it doesn’t really tell a story. According to Campbell and Brody, the song instead paints a series of several images (76). Campbell and Brody further point out that the sequence of images changes from the live recording and studio versions (76). As such, it is evident that the lyrics themselves are not vital to the message of the song. Instead, it is the emotion expressed by the song that portrays its musical meaning.
As mentioned previously, adult themes were not unique to “What’d I Say.” In fact, they were especially common in the Chicago Blues. For example, the adult theme is evident simply from the title of the song “Hoochie Coochie Man,” by Muddy Waters. The true musical meaning of the song, however, is in the background. According to Campbell and Brody, everything else that takes place in the song magnifies the meaning (66). It is the emotion and passion in Waters’ singing that brings the lyrics to life.
It is clear that the emotion and passion in the singing of Muddy Waters and Ray Charles gives their songs musical meaning. This is not to assert, however, that this gives their songs similar musical meaning. Compared to

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