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Introduction to Mozart

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was a renowned musician and master composer of classical music. Most essays and research papers on classical music will likely be on Mozart or one of his compositions. There are a few other musicians such as Ludwig van Beethoven and Johann Sebastian Bach that will be discussed in the same regard as Mozart. However, Mozart had his own unique accomplishments that an instructor may find necessary to have a student write a research paper or even a dissertation on. Custom assignment writing platforms are useful for such assignment since the instructor may decide to base a paper on an unfamiliar composition. Order custom research papers carefully from a reliable custom writing website. Below are details of a paper about Mozart’s Marriage of Figaro.

Art and society

Art has a way of relating to the society during the time when it is written or drawn. History is one of the common themes that recur repeatedly with the rich materials stored in songs, plays, and literature and passed down many generations. The artistic incorporation of cultures and practices that characterize an era reflect a given development in the history of man. Over the years, different eras and generations have presented unique traits that characterize them and distinguish them from each other. In this case, the opera ‘The Marriage of Figaro’ is considered looking into the French social order at the time when the play was written. Therefore, the paper focuses on the cultural practices during the 18th century and makes a comparison to the modern society. During the 18th century, the community existed in terms of ‘orders; and ‘estates’ dividing the community with reference on the wealth that an individual has inherited and the amount worth. These estates gave three classifications, these being the nobility, the clergy, and the commoners. Each estate had their own privileges with the commoners suffering from oppression and lack of voice to express themselves in the society. The clergy constituted individuals in the church. Since the church had a participating role in the governance of given regions, the clergy had respect from the public. However, they were considered the holy men of God and it was considered a sin to the almighty if one provokes the clergy. The second group, the nobility, is a group of individuals who were born into richness. Since they were assured of their inheritance of the total accrued wealth of their parents, they had fewer worries to involve themselves. Their role in the society was to provide job opportunities to the commoners as a way of developing the country. Lastly, the commoners consisted of the everyday population who were either forced to work or offered their services as a way of paying off his or her debt to the nobility. Corruption, illegal and unethical practices, poor living conditions for the commoners, and the poor relationship between the commoners and the nobility was the reason that led to other problems that the society had to solve with time. However, the mistakes of the past act as a stepping-stone towards achieving change. The modern society has much to relate to the changes that were made in the generations that have passed to identify with the problems in the present society and find a solution from the same.

Marriage of Figaro and slavery theme

In the French history, the 18th century reflects an era of realism among the citizens and the government systems. The opera, ‘The Marriage of Figaro’ brings to attention a society where there still exists a master and slave relationship among the people. The characters Figaro and his lover Susanna are presented in the play as servants in the house of their count and countess Almaviva. The relationship of Figaro and Susanna is not to exist since they are all under the care and are to offer service to their count and countess. The society is, thus, still of separation between the low order class and the nobility. Additionally, in the eighteenth century the nobility who had the economic strength and power to access certain privileges had the final say in decisions in the society. While the poor were forced to follow the decisions of their masters, they lacked the opportunity to have a say in the decision-making process, and the governance of the societies. An instance in the play presents a case where Figaro is to marry Mercellina if he fails to settle his debt that he owes her. When the case is presented to Count Almaviva, he denies helping Figaro as he has an attraction towards Susanna the love of Figaro. The writer of the opera seeks to portray the predicament that common individuals in the society often found themselves in; consequently, they were unable to settle these issues and could end up in other desperate situations.

Social disparities in marriage of Figaro

As the nobility has the ability of accessing better social amenities and living in better conditions, those who live under them are forced to lead a hard life. In the play, Figaro mentions about the size of the room that they are given after his marriage to Susanna. They are deprived the privacy married people enjoy only because they are not able to afford for themselves a standard living condition for themselves. The count Almaviva, on the other hand, presents the poor relationship that any master could exercise over his or her subjects. The play focuses on the aristocracy that was rampant during the time and the corruption that was eating away the morals of the societies. Figaro and his lover Susanna are unable to marry in the first place, as they fear the interference from their master. The changes that were brought in the French social classes have been a reflection of the present life conditions in the present world. Capitalism and development of trading systems are evident in the present generation a technique adopted from the past generations. The nobility took the opportunity to exploit the middle and low class citizens as a way to help them out of the problems that they were involved. As a way of solving their problems, the high-class citizens would pay off the debts or solve a problem for middle or low class individual and ask for a favor in return. However, the adaptation of these characters into the society has been a part for the revolution of the modernity in different approaches of the society. However, the play focuses on the common person and the concerns that he or she had to undergo during the time. Figaro and the servants in the house of the count have a problem that affects them directly or indirectly. They are determined to use every effort to relieve themselves from these conditions. The society in the 18th century as expressed in the play also presents a number of different changes that are in the 21st century. The division among the society members has been eradicated, but a different categorization system has replaced the old system. The contemporary society is divided with the economic status of the members; as a result, the society is divided into high, middle, and low class members. In the access to resources, these groups reflect the same categorization in the 18th century societies.

Marriage of Figaro and society

The main theme that the play ‘The Marriage of Figaro’ aimed to address is the aristocracy that was common in the French society during the 18th century. With the events that the characters in the play represent are all referring to the unequal treatment that the low-class members of the society were forced to live. In the initial performance of the play, the public was more pleased with the play owing to its theme that addressed the society in the right manner without discrimination from the nobility and the powerful individuals in the society. While the powerful in the society argued that, the play aimed to disrupt the public decency, in the real sense it was to cover the real issues that were present at the time. Skillfully, the play, however, was performed with consideration of the unities that existed in the society at the time. Therefore, the play got an audience and attention with reverence to the upholding of the society peace that it considered as a unifying factor in the society. The division of classes in the French society in the 18th century with respect to the classes and orders left the low-class individuals with no opportunity of securing meaningful business. Therefore, instead of working at a company or office, the low-class individuals were left with the single option of working for the nobility. However, even at the jobs that they were to perform in the house of the counts, they could still not get enough to rent or build their own house. Pierre Beaumarchais introduces the debt that Mercellina was to collect from Figaro and which if not paid she was to get married to Figaro. The situation further presents the poverty status of the poor and the lack of standing for the women in the society. Since the customs dictated that the man is the source of livelihood in the family, the women had fewer decisions to make or decide. Therefore, when she realizes that Count Almaviva is not going to help Figaro pay his debt, she is ecstatic, as she will be able to settle with a man who could provide for her. Additionally, the countess Almaviva, Susanna and the other female characters in the play are also presented doing things in secret to avoid the attention from the male individuals. They scheme in the background, plot about things in private, and only act at odd hours of the day. The society failed to present women with the equal opportunities that men find themselves. Over time, the changes and equality in the gender were still in its early stages with less support from the society and other people. History has been a vital component of the artistic representation of different generations. The image of a normal society activity by artists in the songs, plays, and literature has been the best method to pass on ideas, cultures, and traditions of different communities. In the play, ‘The Marriage of Figaro,’ for instance, the writer bases the production of the play with a taste of the 18th century. It is apparent of the situation that the different categories in the society are forced to live. A number of nobilities with the power to make decisions and get support of the police or administration has the power over the low class level citizens or commoners. The different social estates of the society are presented with a difference in the economic level of each group. The poor are forced to work under the roof of the nobility with no reassurance of a bright future. The manner in which the commoners are forced to handle their problems identify the mistakes or problems they are involved, and find a solution without involving the authority suggest the poor relationship between the law enforcement agency and the commoners. Additionally, it is apparent of the commoners’ loss of interest in the law enforcement procedures. These events, however, serve as part of the changes that have enabled the current society reach the level it has.

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Stephen Robert Irwin, also known as Steve Irwin, is known all over the world as a naturalist and television personality. He spent his life preserving the environment, protecting animals, and helping those in need. Steve was, and still is, one of the most influential environmentalists of his time.

Steve Irwin was born on February 22, 1962 in Essendon, Victoria, Australia. Irwin was the only child of Bob and Lyn Irwin. Bob was a herpetologist and Lyn was a wildlife rehabilitator. It was because of his parents' occupations that Steve was constantly surrounded by reptiles throughout his childhood. He was quite adventurous and loved working with the animals. While he was growing up his parents founded the Queensland Reptile and Fauna Park ( This allowed Steve to become deeply involved with the care, maintenance, and feeding of the park's animals. At the age of six Irwin received a twelve-foot long scrub python, and three years later he wrestled his first crocodile (Microsoft Encarta Encyclopedia).

Steve attended high school at Caloundra State High School in Australia. After graduating in 1979 he did not pursue any secondary education. Irwin's humanitarianism and environmentalism was influenced more so by his home life rather than his education. As a young adult Steve Irwin worked as a crocodile trapper. He decided to follow in his father's footsteps and became a volunteer for the Queensland Government's East Coast Crocodile Management Program. In 1992 he married his first and only wife, Terri. Together they had two children, Bindi Sue Irwin and Robert (Bob) Clarence Irwin. After marrying, he and Terri took over the Reptile and Fauna Park for his parents and then renamed it the Australia Zoo in 1992 (

Stephen Irwin grew up with animals which caused his to become passionate toward both animal and human life. To help other, animals included, he created wildlife organizations such as Wildlife Warriors, created television shows to inform the public about animals, and purchased large tracts of land around the world to "act like national parks". Irwin also worked with programs such as The Red Cross, Make-A-Wish Foundation, Leukemia Foundation, and Tsunami Appeal ( In society Irwin has made a tremendous impact. His television shows and the Australia Zoo have taught people to be more careful when it comes to the environment and both human and animal populations. Because of these selfless efforts made by Steve Irwin he has been awarded, honored and memorialized worldwide for his work. In 2001, Steve was awarded the Centenary Medal. This was given to him by the Australian government for making a contribution to Australian society. He was awarded adjunct professor at the University of Queensland's School of Integrative Biology shortly before his death, as well as another professorship posthumously by the University of Queensland on November 14, 2007. Following his death in 2006 the Crocodile Rehabilitation and Research Centre in the Neyyar Wildlife Sanctuary was named in Steve's honor ( Many people were against what Irwin was doing, including the organization called People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, also known as P.E.T.A. He was often viewed as a living version Atari's Pitfall Harry rather than a trained wildlife professional (Steve Irwin 308). The Vice-President of P.E.T.A. was quoted as saying "it was no shock at all the Steve Irwin should


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