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If you refer to my previous threads you will see that I am looking at doing a law degree to become a solicitor but I suffer with various medical conditions which make exams difficult for me (I cant sit for long periods of time, nor can I remember and regurgitate information well currently whilst coming off and going back on lots of tablets). So, this has lead to me trying to find universities that are largely coursework based. I know York is, and I believed Bedfordshire is as well, but York is a long way away and Bedfordshire is unlikely to be a Magic Circle enticing university for my CV, so any suggestions for others would help. Preferably the closer to London the better, and I would love to be able to study Aviation Law during the degree as well. I have D*D*D Aviation Operations Extended Diploma (wanted to be a pilot but can't for medical reasons, so have turned to something else I have an interest in) so I know I can't get into Birmingham, Oxbridge etc, but any suggestions are appreciated greatly.


The program consists of three phases:
1) Core Courses
2) Elective Courses
3) Professional Project.


Core 1 – PTH 901 Renewing the Spiritual Leader (3 credits)

Developing into a leader worth following includes self-leadership, other-leadership and Pentecostal spirituality. A critical appraisal of leadership models is presented as the class develops a synthetic model of Christian leadership considered from a Pentecostal perspective and based on foundations of personal development and integrity.

Core 2 – PTH 902 Biblical Theology of Ministry (3 credits)

This course gives special attention to developing the skills and methods of biblical theology for the study of scripture and equips the student to successfully complete the biblical-theological component of the DMin Project. The course also explores the role of biblical-theological reflection in leadership, ministry development and preaching.

Core 3 – PTH 911 Pentecostal Ministry in the 21st Century (3 credits)

Pentecostalism has reached the centenary mark, an event that would have been unimaginable to its first generation. Not surprisingly, Pentecostals face major challenges related to the cherished theological, spiritual, and liturgical distinctives that once uniquely identified them. This course examines dynamics of the early movement, the nature of the crucial changes that have occurred and what Pentecostalism may look like in its second century of existence.

Core 4 – PTH 905 Leading Christian Organizations (3 credits)

Organizational and strategic leadership of the contemporary church or organization with special consideration given to the integration of biblical values, contemporary leadership theory, and the participant’s ministry context.


Missional Leadership

  • Conflict Management
  • Organizational Leadership
  • Emotional Intelligence and Leadership
  • Church Revitalization

Biblical Preaching

  • Advanced Expository Preaching
  • Bringing the Biblical Story to the 21st Century
  • Preaching that Connects

Engaging Culture

  • Culture Crash
  • The Church and Contemporary Moral Issues
  • Intercultural Ministries in Urban Settings
  • Cultivating Healthy Relationships
  • Crisis Counseling (Today’s culture is wrought with a wide diversity of crisis – how do we as a church effectively intervene without burning bridges.)

Islamic Studies

  • Engaging Islam
  • Stu. In Missions: Shiite Islam
  • Folk Islam and Power Encounter
  • Business and Islam
  • Women in Islam

Self-Design Option

  • Conference-based courses
  • Combination of any of the above noted or otherwise offered courses depending on the academic and personal goals of the participant

Military Chaplaincy Option

  • Combination of any of the above noted or otherwise offered courses depending on the academic and personal goals of the participant



PTH 906 Project Design (3 credits)

A course designed to prepare the participant for presentation of an acceptable project prospectus to the DMin Project Committee. Components of a prospectus, research methodologies and writing strategies are explored and applied.

PTH 999 Project Development and Presentation (3 credits)

Composition and oral presentation of an acceptable written project which integrates theory and praxis and makes a meaningful contribution to the practice of ministry. All participants working on the project phase will maintain a continued registration in the program.

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