Satirical Essay On Abortion

Satire of Abortion
The title of this satire is not given, but this satire mimicked abortion. The satirist is from The flaw that is exposed by this satire is abortion and how some people against. This satire is juvenalien, because it is a bad sense of humor towards pro-abortion. This cartoon is very sarcastic to abortion. The satirist of this cartoon exploits exaggeration, grotesque, and inflation.

CNS News exploits exaggeration in this cartoon about abortion. The cartoon shows a woman in with a t-shirt on that says “Third Trimester” and an arrow pointing down at her oversized pregnant stomach. The woman is asking, “How Dare you challenge my RIGHT to kill this thing?” and she is saying, “No one can STOP me from doing whatever I want with my body!” At the bottom of the cartoon it states “Liberal compassion at 36 weeks.” This exaggerates the fact that women have the choice to have late term abortions. The cartoonist creates the stomach bigger than a realistic pregnant woman would actually be. The CNS News is trying to make sense that this woman is 36 weeks pregnant. A baby is normally born after 39 weeks, but the woman wants to terminate the baby last minute. CNS News wants to let viewers know that late abortion is wrong.

CNS News also utilizes grotesque in this cartoon about abortion. The “black humor” about this cartoon is a woman with an oversized pregnant stomach and the woman is saying “No one can STOP me from doing whatever I want with my body!” CNS News uses this bad sense of humor to prove a point that woman have a right to do whatever they want with their body. Although a woman might be in her third trimester, in some states she can still terminate the pregnancy. A lot of liberals are against abortion, so they think it is even more wrong to have a late termination of the pregnancy.

CNS News lastly employs inflation in this cartoon about abortion. CNS News is taking abortion and what is happening in realistically with abortion and blowing it out of proportion. For instance, the cartoonist uses a pregnant woman with a huge stomach and she asking, “How Dare you challenge my RIGHT to kill this thing?” The cartoonist underlines the word right to emphasize the right that the women have to have an abortion. The cartoonist also italicizes the word kill to accentuate what women plan on doing and what the women know they are doing, which is getting rid of or destroying what is inside of them. That is how the cartoonist satirizes the flaw of abortion.

CNS News has exploited three devices that are used in his or her satire. This satire was a juvanalien and exports “black humor” of abortion.

There are so many kids in this world, running around, screaming and taking up space. Everywhere one goes there are a lot of kids and even a lot of adults too. Kids are really annoying and loud and disrespectful nowadays. The world can only hold so many people and there are way too many already. But girls like dogs just keep making more and more they should really give up already. There is no need to have any more kids.

It's only common sense to prevent them. They take time and money out of everything and it is simply aggravating. We should really be thankful for doctors coming up with the method on how to get rid of them. When women get pregnant and the child is most likely unwanted or a mistake the doctor simply takes it's little undeveloped body and rips it out. Simple and painless it's not cheap but it's guaranteed to pay for itself in time. Kids are really expensive and time consuming. So don't worry if you get raped, involved in incest, or the thing is unwanted in some sort of way, you can prevent it nine weeks in or even 25 weeks through. It's painless the doctor takes scissors with a hatch and grabs random body parts, cuts it off and forces it out of the womb and you don't have to look but for the shear satisfaction of it you should watch. Thankfully for this too that you can drink without worry, do drugs and all that fun stuff and then get pregnant all over again.

But why stop there? There are still a lot of kids in the world that are unwanted without  mothers or fathers why not kill them too before they can become murderers or thieves. And those kids that grow to become gangsters or prostitutes it will lower the population of those things I'm sure. Don't even have to mention those retarded kids, they were killed when they were born or even before.  Even those kids who are really disrespectful kill them too and start anew. Throw them into the ocean, push them off a cliff, or just feed them to the dogs so you won't have to buy dog food. It would probably be easier too, than trying to teach them late and how to do anything. If a kid is giving you an attitude, just kill them and start all over again, just label that kid as being a mistake and it will be just fine. When you are feeling angry and instead of keeping a kid that is being abused anyway, just wrap a rope around their neck and hang them from a hinge and start punching the body as if it was a punching bag, it's a great stress reliever. With that, there would be fewer bills to pay, things to pay attention too and less work around the house.

Enslave kids to go to work for you, or just do all the hard labor so that us Americans don't have do to anything, like we always do. There is no need to mass produce things in America we have kids for that. Mistakes that happen every day and every so often we can use those mistakes to our advantage. Even the government said, "As long as it's a mistake it's okay." Can you say amen to that? Now as humans we don't have to worry about making a mistake, because we have permission to use our mistakes to our own advantage. Even if it's another human being, but it's okay right, it's only death or slavery.

But we can always ponder on what exactly the kids did wrong. Well obviously it was their fault that their mother was raped, or made a mistake that the child forced it on the mom in some way, shape or form. To pin the problem on someone else is what humans do and unfortunately it has to be an unborn child that has to take the consequences. To think those kids that grow up alone without a best friend, that best friend could've been the one that was murdered a few minutes ago.

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