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Q34: I'm having trouble at the first Village near the beginning of the game. Any tips?
A. This part can be tough for a player who is new to RE4.

Well, for starters... don't enter the two story house or go down the small path near the two story house unless you'd like to face-off with Dr. Salvador. Instead, climb the tower and constantly drop down and climb it again until the time is up... or for a "less cheap" way, enter the house directly across from the two story building and shoot a hole in the bottom of the wooden door. With that, you can then see the enemies coming and know when to aim low and slash them with the Knife. After a certain number of enemies are dead (or a certain amount of time passes), a cutscene will play.

However, if you'd like to hold up in the two story house make use of the bookshelves/dressers. They can be moved in front of windows/doors to keep the Ganados out of the house for a bit longer. During that time, run upstairs and grab the shotgun on the wall. Because Dr. Salvador will be on the loose, you may want to save those shells for him... but it also works great for groups. Feel free to lob a grenade at a cluster of them as well to take out as many as possible. Once you kill enough enemies, the cutscene will play.

Q35: Can the cows die?
A. Yes, they can. Be careful though, they are feisty.

Q36: Can you die by getting your leg caught in the bear traps?
A. No, you can't. But your health can go to zero if you constantly run into them. My advice would be to check the ground often for traps.

Q37: Is the scared dog in the farm area the same dog I saved from the bear trap earlier?
A. No, it isn't.

Q38: Why can't I suplex this Ganado? I can do it just fine on the Zealots and Soldiers...
A. You can only suplex Zealots in the Castle and Soldiers on the Island. It can't be done to the Ganados of the Village.

Q39: What happened to Leon's jacket?
A. A Ganado stole it. This is revealed in Ada’s bonus game, Separate Ways. Unfortunately, SW is on every version of RE4 except the GC one. =(

Q40: What's with the fish before the Cemetery?
A. If you have the patience, you can shoot and sell them to the Merchant. It's not really worth it to keep them for healing "items" because they take up space, but that's also an option if you choose to do so.

Q41: I can't figure out this puzzle behind the church. What's the solution?
A. Rotate the dial in this order: 3-3-3-4-4-4-3.

Q42: I keep hitting the trees floating in the lake during the boss fight with Del Lago. Any advice?
A. Yeah, sure. Simply use the analog stick to move the boat in the direction you need to go in order to dodge the trees.

Q43: El Gigante is giving me some problems, and I need some words of advice. Have any for me?
A. Use a high powered weapon (maybe the Bolt Action Rifle if you are quick) and shoot him in the face. Once he falls to the ground, his Plagas will sprout from his massive back. Approach El Gigante and climb up to slash the knife at his weak spot. Do this 2-3 more times and he'll go down in a heap. Be aware that a dodge command will come up if you are in range of being fallen on.

If you saved the dog in the bear trap near the beginning of the game, it will make this fight somewhat easier since Hewie (the dog making a cameo from Haunting Ground) will distract El Gigante letting you get some free shots on the beast.

Q44: How do I get across on the chandelier in the Church?!
A. You've got to be kidding me. No? You're not? Okay then... as soon as you jump onto the chandelier, tap the Action button immediately and Leon will get across with ease.

Q45: I can't figure out the Red, Green, Blue puzzle inside of the Church. What do I do?
A. If you'll notice the Los Illuminados symbol is clear, so it's really an easy "puzzle." But if you are still having problems, here's how many times you need to turn each one:

Assignment Ada, also known as Ada the Spy in some regions, is a short mission that is unlocked after completing the game once. In this game, Ada Wong must infiltrate the Island Base and recover 5 Plaga Samples. The samples must fit into her small Attache Case along with her Punisher, TMP, and Semi-Auto Rifle, so item management is a must. The game must be beaten in one complete run, as there is no saving. In all versions prior to the Wii version, Ada has no Knife, so the difficulty is even greater. She must fire bullets to break crates and barrels to obtain items so, do not worry about killing every single enemy and proceed to the next area as soon as possible.

Storming the Beach[edit]

When infiltrating the beach area, be careful about shooting enemies of edges into the water, or else you may run short on ammo. After all the enemies are dead, collect the items around the area. Climb the ladder at the rear entrance and crawl through the vent duct to get inside the Base.


Once inside check your in-game map. The locations of the Plaga Samples are marked with treasure icons on the map. Find them and kill the enemies guarding them. In the Research Lab, collect the Plaga Sample and then defend yourself from the enemies that lock-down the room. To get out, operate the security console to unlock the door.

The Lone Guard[edit]

At the Communications Tower you will have to defeat Krauser to obtain the final Plaga Sample. Use your remaining Hand Grenades and the TMP to defeat him. Once he's taken care of ride the lift to the top of the Tower and call a Chopper to pick up Ada.

Chicago Typewriter[edit]

Completing the mission allows you to purchase the Chicago Typewriter, a Tommy Gun with unlimited ammo, in a completed file of the main game (GameCube) or Separate Ways (all other versions). The gun does come with a high price at 1 million Pesetas to be exact in the main game and 300,000 in Separate Ways.

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