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Tourism is no more an occasional past-time for wealthy and adventurous people. Nowadays, everyone is participating in the tourism industry, may it be a catering company, a hotel or an entertainment business. In fact, tourism has an impressive impact on its host country’s economy. It increases growth rate, national profit, investment and country celebrity as well, going from short term to long term improvements. However, it has crucial negative impacts on other sectors, mostly, the environment. Gradually, the ecosystem has been affected taking with it an increase of pollution and a decrease in natural resources of the country. Dubai is good example to take in order to analyze the impacts of tourism on the short and long…show more content…

As a matter of fact, tourism in Dubai emits the same pollution than any other industry: air pollution, water pollution, noise, solid and liquid waste, petroleum products and chemical residues and visual pollution. In truth, the tourism sector generates tons of rubbish: for example, a single cruise ship rejects 7000 tones of solid waste every year. These solid wastes, in areas of high touristic concentration, are present even in the most remote and less frequented places.
Furthermore, aesthetic pollution engenders difficulties integrating certain tourism infrastructure, including coastal accommodations, in valleys or along picturesque roads: for example, the artificial islands under construction on the coast-line of Dubai, which make the reputation of the emirate in the world, provoke the anxiety of the environmentalists, who fear their impact on the environment. Palm Jumeirah and two other islands "palm ", as well as "The World", group of islands forming a globe, are part of colossal plans which Dubai launched to establish itself as a worldwide destination of tourism.

Let’s see some statistics on pollution in Dubai: (Sources: AIR POLLUTION INDICATORS AT MONITORING SITES - EMIRATE OF DUBAI
(2004 - 2006), Table Code SYB06-01, Dubai Municipality)

As we can see on this table, in the Deira sector, respirable particulars pollution has more than doubled. It is the same case as in the Safa Area. This is most likely coming from the increase in ways of

Dubai as a Tourist Destination Essay

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The United Arab Emirates has achieved great success in developing its hospitality industry and its general economy. The country however is faced with a big challenge of having its local citizens work and feel part of the growing hospitality industry. The biggest part of the problem is that while the hospitality industry should be a social institution that is embedded into the culture of the host country, it is not viewed as such and there are various reasons for that. The current situation is quite worrisome because the expatriates who make up the biggest percentage of the Emiratis are also the majority of workers in the industry holding about 91% of all jobs in the public sector. Trying to make the hospitality industry to be acceptable to…show more content…

This would especially attract tourists who travel to experience the culture and appreciate the local lifestyle.
Among all the Gulf States, UAE is arguably the most dependent on expatriate labor. The majority of the people are expatriates who hold the most jobs while a significant number of Emiratis remain unemployed. One of the key problems for the variation is the lack of confidence to compete with the expatriates. Requirements for limited commitment to religious and cultural practices at the expense of a job as well as the irregular working hours has also made many Emiratis to shy away from working in the industry. There have been programs initiated by the government to emiratise the industry by motivating the nationals to pursue careers in hospitality. Other than Emiratization of the locals, there should be a shift from the traditionally required hard skills to the now required soft skills. To succeed in the hospitality industry, one would require one to have better presentation and interpersonal skills.
In coming up with ways to Emiratise the locals, there needs to be forged a way to change the education system to fit with the tradition of the Islamic and Arab managers whose management style is based on nepotism. This forms one of the issues that need to be addressed when forming a proper educational policy that would enhance Emiratization. There is also a need for a dynamic educational approach that would keep pace with

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